Oh, yes…The Waffler can do private events, either with the Wafflemobile, or inside the venue.

With the Wafflemobile

If you have an event where you want to have Meggos served from the truck, that’s no problem (unless there are low ceilings and no parking). We can drive to your event and get busy.

Inside the Venue

Do you have a wedding reception, convention dessert, birthday or something else planned where you want the best waffles on the planet? We can set up inside and serve Meggos to your guests, no problem.

In addition, we can add a Waffle Bar, with ice cream, whipped cream and various other toppings to make the Meggos a little more elegant than what is served from the truck.

Call for more information: 816-772-4669

2 thoughts on “Catering”

  1. Greetings! I’m Cher Congour with 41 Action News. At least once a month we see you up the street at Russell Stover’s and some of us make the trek down the block to enjoy your amazing waffles and then some! That being said I am organizing the channel 41 holiday breakfast in Dec. and would like to know if you would be interested in catering our event. I would like to talk with you when you are available. In fact, I see that you will be at Russell Stover’s on the 16th. I would love to come down and chat with you after you are done…maybe around 10:30? Or please feel free to call me at 816-868-2362 (cell) or email me at cher.congour@kshb.com
    Thanks so much!

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